High quality Krav Maga methods with Larry Clay Lonis Dallas Fort Worth

High quality Krav Maga techniques with Larry Clay Lonis Krav Maga: People get involved in taking self-defense classes for all kinds of reasons. There are many things that motivate people, in different ways, to start training. Most, if not all, of these reasons have roots in something very personal. These reasons become the goals that […]

Krav Maga martial arts techniques with Larry Clay right now

Krav Maga martial arts classes by Clay Lonis Dallas Fort Worth 2023: It’s twofold. First, understanding where you need to be in order to cause the most damage to an opponent. Second, understanding where you don’t want to be so that your opponent can’t cause damage to you. Developing this skill is essential to fight […]

High quality Krav Maga classes by Larry Clay Krav Maga

Excellent Krav Maga methods from Larry Clay Lonis Grapevine, Texas: Students learn to defend against attackers armed with knives, handguns, and blunt objects like sticks and baseball bats. The training involves both weapon threats and attacks. For example, students train on scenarios like being held at knifepoint or a knife “threat”. Students also train to […]

Excellent Krav Maga techniques with Larry Clay Dallas Fort Worth

Quality Krav Maga techniques by Clay Lonis Krav Maga: Self-defense classes should be effective. That’s really the most important aspect of getting involved in taking self-defense classes to begin with. Self-defense classes should make you safer, stronger, and improve your quality of life overall. In order to be effective, classes have to be teaching you […]