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Premium recyclable pouch producer 2022

Doypack provider in 2022? As the world evolves to a more eco-friendly one we work hard to come up with real solutions to minimize our foot print. Stand Up Pouches one of the best eco-friendly solutions when analyzed for the total life cycle. We supply Stand-Up Pouches in-line with circular economy principles and make sure to have minimum food waste. Plastic inside makes the stand-up pouch sealable with simple machinery for tamper proof pouches. Highest quality zipper ensures numerous open and close. See extra info on Paper With Barrier ? Yes, This is what makes this pouch very very special. Regular papers breath. It may be good for short shelf life but not long term storage. Special milling technique gives shelf life up to 6 months depending on the products. Heat Sealable: This is another important property of this product because most of the paper pouches are made with gluing and also tape is used to close it. We don’t use any glue to form the pouch and you can use simple heat sealers to seal.

Base material is PE or pp and these products are already widely used in the market, there are many machines to process them. The material is not very expensive because the supply is high. Re-granulating is easy and the technology is there already. Some improvement is the technology may help a much higher percentage of producers produce recyclable packages. Big percentage of the populations live in the cities and collections infrastructure already exists. The system will function with some adjustments.

While designing the right packages for the future one must not forget that Food waste is a part of the problem. We should not increase the wasted food. Modern package keeps the food fresh and helps decreasing the food waste. We will discuss why and how modern packaging especially flexible packages like stand-up pouches with zipper are very good at protecting the food inside in a separate blog. The important detail is not over packing the product. While designing the product one must choose the right barrier. Most of the time higher barrier pouches need more complex structures.

Eco-Friendly is a general framework. There are different packaging solutions that fit into eco-friendly packaging. Recyclable Packaging, bio- based packaging and compostable packaging are the most popular eco-friendly solutions. In fact any one call their packaging eco-friendly and they will find a reason to justify. We have been analyzing the real solutions for more than 2 years and we see that there is not one single solution to be named the best one. Let’s understand what they mean first and we’ll start comparing recyclable pouches vs bio-based pouches vs compostable pouches. Discover even more details on stand up pouch packaging supplier.