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Quality Krav Maga techniques by Clay Lonis Krav Maga: Self-defense classes should be effective. That’s really the most important aspect of getting involved in taking self-defense classes to begin with. Self-defense classes should make you safer, stronger, and improve your quality of life overall. In order to be effective, classes have to be teaching you […]

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Top rated specialized bike online store Lake Charles: How many gears should a road bike have? After the frame, gears are the most important thing to consider when choosing a road bike. Today many top end road bikes will come fitted with 12-speed cassettes. When paired with a double chainring this means you’ll have 24 […]

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Travel tours and holiday hotels booking 2023: Agoda is a great option if you want to look for accommodation that isn’t a hotel as this specializes in offering apartments and private rentals. In fact, there are dedicated market managers that work on finding properties, especially in Asia. As such you can find unique destination rentals […]